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Concrete Trends magazine announces appointment of a new Managing Editor

01 December 2021

The editorial board of Concrete Trends is pleased to announce that Eamonn Ryan has been appointed Managing Editor of the magazine from 16 December. Ryan will have responsibility for leading Cement Trends’ rebirth as a regional thought leader for the cement and construction industry in Africa and the Middle East.

A South Africa native, Eamonn Ryan started his career in the legal profession and first entered the construction sector as company secretary for building materials retailer Cashbuild. His love of writing drew him to the world of journalism more than 20 years ago. He has been editor of a number of trade magazines over the years including Civil Engineering Contractor, Plumbing Africa, The Master Plumber, Affordable Housing and Quarry SA.

He takes over the editor role from Nicholas McDiarmid who is moving on to a new project.

“I am very happy to welcome Eamonn in the team, he will bring a wealth of experience in the management of this iconic magazine. His knowledge and passion for journalism will be a great asset and driving force to grow and develop the Concrete Trends brand and business” said Devi Paulsen-Abbott, Vice-President dmg events, the owner of Concrete Trends.

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