Concrete paver launched at Las Vegas Expo

15 February 2019

At the World of Concrete 2019 Expo held in Las
Vegas last month, construction solutions provider Wirtgen Group introduced the
new AutoPilot 2.0 – a pour in place concrete paver – showcased three Wirtgen
slipform pavers and a texture curing machine, as well as displayed an
aftermarket specialist Kleemann mobile crusher.

The newly developed Wirtgen AutoPilot 2.0 offers
higher paving accuracy with lower costs, and the three-dimensional (3D) control
system can produce any kind of offset and inset profiles.

Further, it creates a new, digital data model at
the site.

The 3D system can be used in the production of
concrete safety barriers, curbs, traffic islands, or for road surfaces with a
width of up to 3.5 m. Surveying, setup and dismantling of string lines is no
longer necessary with the AutoPilot 2.0, and the lines no longer get in the way
of the teams working around the paver. As a result, the overall process is more
productive and profitable.

The system is based on Global Navigation Satellite
System and assists with the automated paving of a wide variety of offset and
inset profiles, such as concrete safety barriers on motorways or curbs for
traffic islands. It requires no more than the uninterrupted reception of
signals from a sufficiently large number of satellites and proficient use of
the system including the Field Rover prism pole.

A major advantage of the system is that it
dispenses with time-consuming surveying operations, the installation and
removal of stringline or the preparation of a geodetic data model. AutoPilot
2.0 is available for the WIRTGEN SP 15, SP 15i, SP 25 and SP 25i slipform paver
models which were also on display at the expo.

The Wirtgen pavers were complemented by the
self-propelled, track-mounted TCM180/TCM180i texture curing unit on display.
The curing unit’s modular design permits working widths between 4 m and 18 m
and can create different surface textures using one single system to meet all
requirements, in addition to the well-established functions of transverse
brushing and spraying, and longitudinal brushing and spraying; even a diagonal
finish is possible. Meander spraying is a special option: this method permits
transverse spraying during uninterrupted travel.

With its MOBIREX MR 130 Z EVO2 impact crusher, Kleemann offers a mobile impact crushing plant that is particularly suitable for demolition concrete recycling and aggregate production.

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