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05 August 2020

Concrete is the ultimate, timeless solution for floors. The success of a durable and functional floor lies in the ability to produce a quality finish, typically characterised by a smooth and consistent surface, whether in an industrial or decorative setting.

With CHRYSO® FiniSafe, finishing concrete floors by troweling or floating has never been easier.

CHRYSO FiniSafe is considered a key solution for finishing concrete surface.

Spraying CHRYSO® FiniSafe on the surface just before the finishing operation commences, improves the finishability of the concrete surface. This makes it possible for the operator to finish the surface faster and with less effort, whether floating mechanically or manually. As this concrete aid allows the mechanical trowel to pass over the surface more efficiently, machine performance is optimised by reducing wear and tear on the blades.

The product is safe for application on all types of concrete surfaces that require troweling, including standard concrete and industrial flooring and precast products. It may be used safely on both indoor and outdoor concrete as it has no odour and contains no VOCs.

CHRYSO FiniSafe lubricates concrete surfaces for a faster, easier and better finish.

CHRYSO® FiniSafe does not affect the colour or the appearance of the concrete and may be used with confidence on all decorative concrete surfaces.

When using this product, no water is added during floating or troweling, minimising the potential for unsightly efflorescence appearing on concrete elements or weakened surfaces which will tend to dust, when put into use. Other surface treatments may be applied to the floated surface, without any additional preparation.

Using CHRYSO FiniSafe reduces operator effort by extending and facilitating the workability of the concrete surface.

With the use of CHRYSO® FiniSafe, a smoother finish is achieved with better surface densification; exactly what is expected by clients and designers, when specifying a concrete floor.

CHRYSO Southern Africa’s sales and technical teams are on hand to discuss how CHRYSO® FiniSafe can save both time and money while achieving good quality surface finishes.

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