17 April 2024

Caption: Concor has kicked off construction on Oxford Parks Block 2A Phase I in the vibrant Rosebank area.

Concor has commenced construction on Oxford Parks Block 2A Phase I, located at the heart of Rosebank. The company is leveraging its expertise in project management and fast-paced programming for the construction of two office buildings integrated with basement parking and a retail development on the ground floor.

Set to redefine the landscape of modern construction, Concor is implementing the Green Star V2 rating system for these buildings, aiming to surpass the already high benchmarks set within the Oxford Parks Precinct for green building practices.

Martin Muller, Concor Contract Manager, says this initiative reflects the company’s dedication to integrating sustainable and eco-friendly practices into its projects, using green technologies and materials to minimise environmental impact.

The project, started in February 2024, is on a tight 17 month schedule with an anticipated completion in September 2025. The initial phases, including bulk earthworks, were swiftly completed in early March, with the construction team moving forward with raft foundation work.

Each building, one spanning six storeys at 10 Parks Boulevard and the other four storeys at 55 Eastwood Road, is designed with distinctive architectural features including some round elements. These notable features enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the structures. The common basement will accommodate four levels.

Concor is navigating several challenges inherent to the project’s scope and location. The proximity to the Gautrain servitude limits the use of piling, necessitating raft foundations that, while more time consuming, will ensure the project’s stability and durability. Additionally, the initiation of construction during the rainy season posed a challenge due to the area’s adverse soil conditions.

Muller says that not unlike previous projects within this upmarket precinct, the Oxford Parks Block 2A Phase I project will showcase Concor’s ability to manage complex, fast track projects while maintaining an unwavering focus on quality, safety, and sustainability.

“Our collaborative approach with subcontractors, coupled with our team’s comprehensive skillset, sets Concor apart in the construction industry. Communication remains key on all our projects ensuring that all team members are aligned with the project’s objectives, especially in terms of quality and safety,” Muller says.

Through the projects previously completed and this new one, the company not only contributes to the urban development and aesthetic enhancement of Rosebank but also sets new standards for sustainable construction practices. The successful execution of Oxford Parks Block 2A Phase I will serve as a blueprint for future projects, promoting environmental responsibility, innovation, and excellence in construction.

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