08 January 2024

An online presentation by Sean Monkman on the American Concrete Institute (ACI) platform.

The ACI recently hosted a presentation on the innovative topic of utilising CO2 as a performance-enhancing admixture in ready-mix concrete. This is the Part 1 of a four-part article.

The speaker, Sean Monkman, senior vice president of technology development for Carbon Cure Technologies, shared insights into the company’s efforts to develop scalable carbon utilisation technologies, contributing to the creation of more sustainable concrete. This article provides an overview of Sean Monkman’s presentation, shedding light on the significance of CO2 utilisation in the concrete industry.

Speaker introduction

Monkman, with a PhD in civil engineering from McGill University, brings over 25 years of experience in concrete materials to his role. His extensive career includes more than 15 years dedicated to CO2 utilisation approaches. Recognised for his contributions, Monkman has presented and published extensively on beneficial carbon dioxide utilisation, especially in concrete production. Additionally, he holds a position as a co-inventor on over 120 issued and pending patents related to this work. In 2003, he was honoured with the ECI Foundation’s John Claude Romain Innovation in Concrete Award, showcasing his commitment to advancing sustainable concrete technologies.

Presentation overview

Monkman commenced his presentation by acknowledging the timeless relevance of discussing admixtures to enhance the sustainability of concrete. He highlighted the ongoing efforts of the global cement and concrete industry, as outlined in the Global Cement and Concrete Association’s roadmap for creating more sustainable concrete. The roadmap identifies various actions to achieve a more equitable and sustainable industry, emphasizing the role of carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS) and other emerging innovative activities.

Role of admixtures in sustainability

Monkman emphasised the industry’s commitment to sustainability, pointing out that 36% of the activities needed to reduce the carbon footprint are related to carbon capture, utilisation, and storage. Admixtures, such as those incorporating CO2, play a crucial role in achieving these sustainability goals. The presentation delved into the potential of CO2 as a performance-enhancing admixture in ready-mix concrete and its impact on reducing the environmental impact of the concrete industry.

Carbon Cure Technologies’ initiatives

Monkman shared insights into the specific initiatives undertaken by Carbon Cure Technologies. He oversees the company’s research and intellectual property efforts. By developing scalable carbon utilisation technologies, Carbon Cure Technologies aims to contribute significantly to creating more sustainable concrete.

As the concrete industry continues to evolve, the integration of CO2 utilisation technologies stands out as a key element in the journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

Continued in Part 2…

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