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03 September 2021

In recognition of the outstanding work of its producer members, the Concrete Manufacturers Association is hosting its first online Awards for Excellence Competition – The Digital Awards for Excellence – #AFE2022.

#AFE2022 is a spectacular digital precast concrete event showcasing some of the best examples of South African precast concrete applications.  Entries are open to CMA members in various product segments in either Aesthetic or Engineering categories or, as in some cases, in both.

CMA marketing assistant, Liandre Bezuidenhout.

“Hosting the competition online opens up an exciting array of marketing opportunities, giving our members unprecedented levels of local and global exposure,” says CMA marketing assistant, Liandre Bezuidenhout.

 “The worldwide web provides the ideal communication hub for the built environment, and events which were publically hosted prior to Covid, are now migrating to the digital space. After weighing the benefits of a digital event against the challenges of an attendee event in Covid’s new normal, we were left in no doubt that the former was our best option.

Concrete Trends Issue 3, 2021 features the CMA Digital Excellence Awards #AFE2022 and is a proud associate of the association and the awards. Concrete Trends and this website will bring you detailed and exciting multi-media driven coverage from now until the finalists’ awards next year. This edition of Concrete Trends is now available.

 “Digital events save time and eliminate a smorgasbord of costs which traditional events incur. These include extensive planning, travel, accommodation, setup, and other logistical costs.

“By contrast digital events are more sustainable, and thanks to lower costs and resource usage, can be staged with greater frequency – advantages which are readily enjoyed by both the host and attendees.

“Online events also allow the tracking of attendees and the gathering of contact information on an unprecedented scale. They enable hosts to track and analyse data pre and post-event in real time which provides essential information for improvements to future online events.

“Moreover, digitally hosted events can be pre-recorded before being staged.  This allows presentations to be reviewed and polished for optimal delivery to desired audiences and overcomes the problem of international time zones.”

Award entries can be viewed on the CMA YouTube channel and the CMA LinkedIn and Facebook page.

Access social media channels to stay up to date with the latest #AFE2022 entries and more #AFE2022 news. And don’t hesitate to hit the like and share button on your favorite entries.

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