China to construct US $62m transport university in Tanzania

15 February 2018

A US$ 62m transport university is set to be constructed in Tanzania by the Chinese government; the mega institution will help cater for all the transport needs in the country.A statement released after President John Magufuli met with the new Chinese ambassador to Tanzania, Ms Wang Ke, revealed that the grant was part of China’s assistance to Tanzania as the two countries fostered their bilateral ties.

A transport university will greatly help Tanzania to increase the number of professionals in different sectors like aviation, especially at a time when the government is purchasing planes as part of efforts to revive Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL).Data produced by the Tanzania Air Operators Association (Taoa) shows that as of November 2012 there were 183 local pilots in the country against a demand of 456.

Tanzania is among the beneficiaries of the 5 mega transport universities to be financed and constructed by China in Africa that will help enhance their partnership with several African countries.The decision by China to construct transport universities in Africa was revealed during the 6th Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China- Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) held in Johannesburg in December, 2015

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