CemteQ launches unique new products for the construction industry

20 April 2020

CemteQ has launched the first in its range of Perlite and cement composite products. These composites use Perlite as an aggregate replacement, together with cement and special admixtures for bespoke plaster, screed and concrete applications.

Due to the unique nature of Perlite, these composite products offer significant insulation, fire-resistance, lightweight and acoustic properties.

The first products

The first products in the CemteQ range include PlasterLite which is a super-smooth, easy-to-apply composite material for trowel-on plaster and low-velocity pumped plaster applications. It combines a carefully developed combination of exfoliated Perlite with quality cement, admixtures and micro fibres in a bag to offer a unique one-coat plaster solution without the requirement for a skim plaster.

PlasterLite is available in white and offers approximately six to eight times the insulation properties of ordinary plaster, saving significantly on heating and cooling costs. The R-value for 15mm ordinary plaster is approximately 0.019 m2.K/W, whereas the R-value for PlasterLiteWhite is 0.128 m2.K/W.PlasterLite also weighs between 25-30% of traditional plaster, reducing the weight by one ton per 50-60m2 of plaster at 15mm thick.

CemteQ’s ScreedPerl for lightweight, insulating screeds

Newly introduced is also CemteQ’s ScreedPerl insulating, lightweight screed material. This is designed to prevent downward heat loss in floors, saving significantly on heating costs. It also provides a lightweight, insulating solution for roofs and can be easily sloped towards drainage points or to the roof edge providing suitable water run-off and preventing damage.The R-value for a 30mm floor screed using traditional materials would be 0.042m2.K/W compared to ScreedPerl with an R-value of 0.316 m2.K/W,providing approximately 7.5 times the insulation of ordinary plaster.

The installed weight of ScreedPerl is between 460-470kg/mwhich equates to roughly20% of traditional screed material. This offers distinct structural design benefits and makes it easier to work with and transport. The product is not suitable for high wear areas and must be covered with a floor covering such as carpets, wood or tiles. ScreedPerl can be applied to various uneven or curved surfaces with a suitable bonding agent. It is not waterproof and must be covered with a suitable waterproofing system when used on roof decks.

Quick and effective, lightweight insulating fill

Branded PerlFill, CemteQ’s surface-treated Perlite provides a quick and effective, lightweight insulating fill for cavity walls or blocks. Dependant on the building design, significant reductions in heat transmission are possible when PerlFill is used in cavity type masonry walls. It is supplied in 100l bags and will pour easily into cavity walls with no particular skills or experience, finding its way into cracks and voids. PerlFill is surface treated with a hydrophobic agent that repels water, ensuring that the insulation characteristics are maintained. The R-value for 50mm PerlFill is 1.21m2.K/W.

CemteQ’sSunPerl Construction-Grade exfoliated Perlite is used as a versatile aggregate in plaster, screeds and concrete for its excellent lightweight, thermal insulation, sound dampening and fire protection properties. It is supplied loose in 100l bags with a bulk density of 70-80kg/m2.

CemteQ’sPerlite-based products also offer excellent fire protection for up to 4 hours. They have low linear expansion characteristics which greatly reduce the development of cracks, ensuring that the temperature of the structure and load-bearing members is maintained below the critical point at which weakening or failure is likely to occur. They do not release smoke or toxic gas and do not disintegrate or spall when cooled suddenly with a firehose.

The products provide efficient sound dampening, particularly for pulsed sounds, are inorganic and do not rot or decay over time

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