CarbonCure named as finalist in $20m challenge

11 April 2018

Canadian innovator CarbonCure Technologies has been named one of ten finalists in the global $20m NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE for its technology that profitably converts carbon dioxide (CO2) into stronger and greener concrete.

This announcement adds to CarbonCure’s global impact, including its recognition as the top ranked CO2 utilisation solution by McKinsey Consulting and the Global CO2 Initiative, and its third consecutive listing among the Top 100 Global Cleantech companies by the Cleantech Group.

The Carbon XPRIZE challenges competitors to convert CO2 emissions into valuable products, with the purpose of identifying the most scalable technologies to unlock massive CO2 reductions and economic opportunities.

The ten finalists each receive $500,000 and will move on to the third and final round of the competition, where each will demonstrate its technology over a two-year period.

Canada leads all nations with four teams in the final round. Three of the finalists hail from the United States, while the remaining teams represent India, China and the United Kingdom. One grand prize winner from each track will be announced in March 2020, and will receive $7.5m in prize money.

This year CarbonCure will celebrate its 100th concrete plant installation and millionth cubic yard of concrete that have contributed to meeting the sustainability goals of hundreds of construction projects across North America. Last month, CarbonCure achieved a historic milestone by successfully demonstrating the first integrated CO2 capture and reuse model within the cement and concrete industry, by using captured cement CO2 emissions for concrete production to supply a green building development in the Atlanta area.

CarbonCure’s XPRIZE team, led by CarbonCure’s Executive Vice President Jennifer Wagner, is the only female-led team remaining in the competition.

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