15 August 2019

Construction of world’s first smart mini city
dubbed Bleutech Park
in Las Vegas
, USA is set to commence in December this year and end
in six years at a cost of approximately US$ 7.5bn.

Funded by real estate investment trust, Bleutech
Park Properties Inc., the development will feature offices, retail spaces,
ultra-luxury residential units, hotel, and entertainment facilities as well as
workforce housing for people who will be serving the community including
nurses, teachers, firemen, police officers etc.

Aerial construction plus unmanned aerial systems to
aid in hard-to-reach or unsafe places shall be utilized in the making of
Bleutech Park Las Vegas. Construction workers will don wearable technology,
particularly in heavy lifting and repetition while robotics and biometrics will
inform edge cutting security system in a bid to improve jobsite safety and
employee’s health.

Bleutech Park Properties, Inc., CTIO, Bertrand
Dano said that they believe in digitization and robotics in construction as
this will increase productivity and efficiency.

Bleutech Park Properties is partnering with construction
contractor Martin-Harris Construction and technology leader Cisco.

The mini-digital city will operate on renewable
energy sources including solar, wind, water and kinetic energy. This means that
it will be 100% grid-independent. To achieve this, the park will feature
net-zero buildings that comprise of energy-generating and breathable materials
i.e. its buildings façades will be equipped with photovoltaic glass which will
be converting light into electricity, while its flooring will utilise the
energy produced by people’s movements.

The city’s state of the art buildings will be
connected to supertrees that promise to reduce imported water consumption by
95% and also improve biodiversity. The development will also boast of on-site
water purification and waste treatment in addition to localised air cleaning.

Robotics will be an essential part of the technology ecosystem providing 365/24/7 security using biometrics and other cutting edge technologies, adding an unsurpassed level of security in real-time, to both residents and visitors.

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