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10 September 2019

With evidence of the
longevity and potential of its products on display in infrastructure across
southern Africa, AfriSam’s presence is widespread.

Notably with a legacy that
goes back 85 years, this leading construction materials supplier has
contributed to many iconic projects. These include the Carlton Centre in the
Johannesburg CBD, the Nelson Mandela Bridge, the Lesotho Highlands Water
Project, numerous new developments in Sandton (including the tallest building
on the continent, The Leonardo) and the Zeitz MOCAA in the V&A Waterfront
in Cape Town.

Although the company has
undergone changes in shareholding and names during its 85 year existence,
AfriSam has remained true to its formula according to Rob Wessels acting chief
executive officer and Richard Tomes, sales and marketing executive.

This, they concur, has been
pivotal to AfriSam’s success, despite economic cycles experienced by the
construction industry. The past five to six years have been particularly
difficult for the construction industry (a key customer segment for AfriSam)
and companies operating in the construction sector.

Wessels says AfriSam has
had to “right-size the business” and adapt where necessary to remain
competitive as well as continue to be the supplier of choice.

“Business performance in
tough times comes through shifting and broadening our customer base, and by
continuing to focus on the quality of our product, technical advice and the
relationships we have with our customers,” he says.

“AfriSam has a reputation
for providing quality product and expertise, and getting things right, and
we’re determined to maintain this.”

Among the initiatives
AfriSam undertakes to promote quality within the industry is its anchor sponsor
of the Concrete Society of Southern Africa’s Fulton Awards. This, Tomes says,
is in line with the company’s mission of “creating concrete possibilities by
pushing the boundaries of concrete products, both in terms of sustainability
and technical performance”.

AfriSam is also the
co-founder of the AfriSam-SAIA Award for Sustainable Architecture + Innovation,
which recognise the importance of ‘green’ building and acknowledges the
contributions made by forward-thinking industry players towards brining sustainable
innovation to human living environments.

More information from: www.afrisam.com / Facebook: @AfriSamSA

@AfriSam / LinkedIn: AfriSam

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