Bessey Germany world leaders in clamps, offer the widest most comprehensive range of innovative clamps and clamping solutions with well over 2000 products

30 November 2020

The clamp collection include Tools, Premium all-steel bar, Traditional all-steel bar, K Body Parallel and case, Woodworking, cast jaw bar, GearKlamps, Specialty all-steel bar, Lever, Angle and miter, Heavy duty steel bar, Pipe, Spring, One handed, Auto-adjust toggle, Hold down, machine table, welding table, Clutch style bar, Strap, C- styled, Edge, Cabinetry, face frames, Track and table clamps

Today Bessey are the Number 1 designers, and manufacturers of the largest range of quality clamps, there is just no clamp they do not stock, their range caters for every industry, they have taken clamping to a completely new level and above. There is also a complete range of specialist clamps, tailor made clamps for specific jobs and much more. Their R&D works 24/7 developing, designing, testing, and improving their products, with teams in the field continuously working with their customers.

“Bessey is one of our longest international brands and partners, we have come a long way together over the years,” said Vermont Sales Founder Roland Hunt. Their clamp range is one of the largest in the world today, they have clamps that cater for every type of job, covering every industry, our range alone includes over 2000 products. This industry is huge, as clamps are a major product that all industry cannot be without. Bessey have this overall clamping business well covered with their huge comprehensive range. Its nice to know that there is a clamp designed to do every type of clamping job and do it well,” said Hunt.

The benefits of Bessey clamps is they are always ready to go the first time and perfect for quick set ups during work piece changes, as they adapt to the work pieces of varying thickness, without manual setting of spindle and with practically the same clamping force. Their clamping range is uncompromisingly versatile, one size of the Bessey clamp replaces multiple competitor sizes simultaneously, due to the extremely large clamping range and the Bessey patented mechanism. They are powerful and gentle, even sensitive to all work pieces, veneered and vanished surfaces can be clamped without any concern, due to the moving pressure plate with removable protective cap and clamping force regulation via an adjustment screw in the joint

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