23 September 2020

For cutting all sorts of material, tailormade and designed to cut any angles and configurations

The Bessey Company has grown to be one of the largest quality hand tool manufacturers in the world, distributing some 1300 different wood working and metal working tools in more than 100 countries worldwide. Their BESSEY® cutting technologies are now leaders in metal cutting snips and represent a tradition in the manufacture of a comprehensive range of tin snips going back more than 70 years. As they invent and perfect their quality cutting tools at their German research and development facilities, they often find that the newly developed cutting products often become models for an entire generation of innovative and productive tools.

Bessey cutting tools (snips) carry the basic tin snips that everyone carries but, that is only where they start. Their range covers Strap cutters, Superpower tin snips, Nibblers, Shape and straight cutting snips, Aviation, Shape cutting, Shape and straight cutting and Compact Aviation Snips, plus Pro Strap cutters. Other mainstream Bessey models are the MultiSnip- Straight, with stainless steel blade, MultiSnip Offset, MultiSnip Offset stainless steel blade, with the ergo handle, Combinox and Combinox Straight stainless steel with notch. Then there is the MultiSnip master, with Angled cutter heads. The Cable cutters and a similar unit with a Stainless-steel blade. Four SuperPower models the Straight SuperPower – Straight like the American Pattern models where only 50 % force is needed, there are also Offset units available for both these models.

“Only a Bessey tool tin snip or cutter owners will know what it’s like to cut with these dynamic products, it’s like magic how they tackle metal cutting, they have universal cutting tools and specialist tools for every conceivable type of cut, specially designed for the task,” said Ryan Hunt Director Vermont Sales, the official agents for Bessey South Africa. Purchasing their cutters is one of the best investments you will make as they offer the best in innovative cutting quality.   It’s the famous German technology and design that goes into all their products that keeps them ahead of the game.”

Quality comes from every level, in their German production, the steel that is used in the metal cutters production comes from their own world-class steel drawing facilities and goes through very rigorous quality control inspections. Incoming raw material shipments are tested according to the most modern processes. New product prototyping is extracted to ensure product durability and ergonomic functions. Final production is reviewed carefully using modern statistical methods to ensure performance specifications are being met. The team at Bessey strives to deliver maximum performance, comfort, safety, user-friendliness, ergonomics and numerous quality and process certifications attest to their continued attention to detail.

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