Automatic lubrication system boosts productivity and lowers costs for SANY equipment owners

20 November 2020

SANY’s state-of-the-art automatic lubrication system is playing an integral part in increasing production and reducing costs on high-performance sites by ensuring that all the points of the boom and bucket are frequently and correctly lubricated.

Brendon Pretorius, Bobcat Earthmoving Equipment’s Service Manager, says that, in addition to reducing wear and tear by maintaining a proper lubrication film, correct and frequent lubrication purges bushings and pins of dust, sand, water and dirt.

“Once these contaminants work their way into bushings and pins, they act as a grinding component that reduces the lifespan of bearings significantly. This may lead to increased maintenance requirements, unexpected repairs and longer periods of downtime, translating into significant costs for construction and mining fleet owners,” Pretorius says.

The system addresses all the limitations of manual lubrication, which is ideally suited to smaller equipment with fewer points and that require extended lubrication intervals.

Lubricating all the points of a single large machine in this manner is a very cumbersome and time-consuming process. It can take up to 45 minutes and longer when buckets and booms need to be lubricated in various positions to ensure that the grease is evenly distributed to protect the components under load.

Manuel lubrication is also heavily influenced by an array of variables. They include tight production schedules, weather conditions and logistical constraints, such as the location of equipment and the availability of lubrication trucks. The level of competency of workers and human error are also other important considerations.  For example, it not

uncommon for bearings to not be completely purged and grease spread unevenly in the bushing when lubricating manually.

SANY’s automatic lubrication system also facilitates a safer working environment on construction and mine sites by eliminating the need to climb on machines to lubricate the various points.

By delivering the exact amount of grease to where it is required, the system also eliminates wastage providing further cost-savings for customers.

Pretorius explains that the desmodromic drive of the EP-1 pump works in combination with the modular progressive distributor blocks that are equipped with a piston, or main distributor, to ensure that all lubrication points receive the required lubricant quantity as established with the EP-tronic controller.

“The controller consists of three operating modes, namely time, cycles, or revolutions and three operating conditions, including easy, medium or heavy. Low-level sensors monitor empty reservoirs and the piston detectors blockages in the system. The system also includes an integrated data logger with diagnosis module,” he says.

A very robust system, the pumping elements and pistons inside the distributor are manufactured from metal and there are no dynamic seals and wear parts.

Pretorius concludes by noting that the automatic lubrication system is just one of many features that has made SANY a popular choice for demanding construction and mining applications on African construction sites.

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