Algeria constructs mosque with world’s tallest minaret

24 May 2018

Algeria is constructing one of the largest mosques in the world dubbed Djamaa El Djazair, or the Great Mosque of Algiers with the tallest minaret. The giant mosque is being built facing the picturesque bay of Algiers.

The mosque will be part of a complex and encompass a one‐million book library, a Koranic school and a museum of Islamic art and history, commercial buildings, a restaurant, a library, an amphitheatre, a plaza, an underground parking with a capacity of 7,000 cars, and outbuildings dedicated to the security and maintenance of the building and its occupants.

The mega mosque will also have a 265m-high minaret, the world’s tallest and a 20,000 m2 prayer hall with a capacity of accommodating up to 120,000 worshippers, and a dome of 50 m diameter.

The project has involved many countries, from the Canadian designers, Chinese contractor, products and machinery suppliers all over the world. For the impressive 50-m dome, Palazzani supplied one Spider Lift XTJ 52, specifically customised to be fixed on a platform with rails around the dome, on top of the main building’s roof, to enable finishing the dome, as well as maintenance and cleaning.

The study and definition of the machine configuration took almost two years and ended with the supply of a customised XTJ 52, powered by single-phase 230VAC electric motor 2.2kW + 3-phase 380VAC electric motor 5.5kW only, without diesel engine, anti-collision sensors and electronic anemometer. The iconic construction was launched in 2012 and is projected to be complete by end of 2018

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