19 August 2022

By David Beer, on behalf of the Cement Manufacturers Association (CMA)

The paved port cochere at the Southern Sun Waterfront Hotel off Lower Buitenkracht Street in Cape Town has lost none of its dazzling appeal since it was laid in 2012. Quite the contrary, after 10 years of weathering and usage, the paving looks better today than it did when first laid.

Designed by Louis Karol Architects who specified cast-stone pavers manufactured by CMA member, Revelstone, the vehicle and pedestrian forecourt comprises a circular pedestrian island fringed by a ring road for car and bus access.

Revelstone’s Devon Cobbles, Jura Pavers and Jura Edging were skilfully deployed in combination with granite inlays in eye-catching configurations. Laid by Progressive Paving, the paving harmonises with the port cochere, using a blend of colours and patterns to create a forecourt with distinct Roman influences.

Adrien Desmarais, managing director of Progressive Paving, said that the original red brick pavers had to be removed before the new pavers were laid.

“Owing to the intricate nature of the paving layout, the project required detailed planning and careful execution. We operated under a tight time constraint and the actual construction had to be executed in two phases to allow vehicular and pedestrian access during construction.

“We used 75mm thick pavers for the trafficked sections and 60mm pavers for the pedestrian layouts. Paved with Devon Cobbles, the traffic sections show no signs of creep or buckling even though doubled axle tourist busses exert considerable lateral pressure on the paved surfaces, especially when executing sharp turns. “We paid particular attention to the correct and accurate lining of the pavers and we made sure that the paved road sections had very solid side-wall support. And besides natural weathering, one of the reasons for the improved appearance of the cast-stone pavers over time is the gloss created by the polishing effect of rubber tyres.”

Revelstone’s Devon Cobbles in a grey blend and charcoal combine in an attractive pedestrian crossing linking the pedestrian island to the hotel entrance.
Revelstone’s Devon Cobbles in a grey blend and charcoal mix (foreground) and a triangle of charcoal Devon Cobbles. All three Devon Cobble section in this picture are flanked by Jura Edging.
The Devon Cobble walkway flanked by Jura edging.
Jura pavers with V-shaped granite and circular Devon Cobble insets.
Devon Cobble (outer ring) frame a water fountain in the pedestrian island.
Jura pavers in a grey blend.
The circular walkway (left) covered with Jura Pavers and flanked with Devon Cobbles.

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