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African Construction Expo Deliver Unparalleled Business Development Opportunity for SMMEs in the Construction Industry

07 October 2020

African Construction and Totally Concrete Expo recently hosted the SMME Support Digital Talk in partnership with National African Federation for the Building Industry (NAFBI). Aubrey Tshalata, President of NAFBI, discussed the impact of Covid on SMMEs and outlined a programme of support currently available to them. Click here to watch the full recording

African Construction and Totally Concrete Expo has designed a programme of support qualifying SMMEs, with exclusive exhibition rates that will position their products and services to industry professionals from around the world, including government officials, engineering companies, architects, contractors…to the people SMMEs long to encounter.

SMME Contractors and Suppliers to the Construction Industry have a crucial role to play – both in developing the industry itself, and – crucially – to the development of more robust and inclusive South African economy. Being careful not place the complete transformation of our economy on the shoulders of one industry, it is equally important to ensure that we all do everything possible to pro mote this powerful driver of transformation.

To find out more about the criteria for this exciting opportunity, contact Steve Lee on +27 21 700 5507, or email him  [email protected].

Space is limited as we continue connecting the with Africa and its SMMEs.

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