17 June 2024

Zutari celebrates the 2024 INWED theme of #EnhancedbyEngineering

An annual event that celebrates the incredible contributions of women engineers worldwide, International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) marks its 11th anniversary in 2024 under the theme of #Enhancedbyengineering. This year, INWED celebrates women engineers who have enhanced lives and livelihoods through their work. These remarkable individuals contribute to building a brighter future for all of us.

Alme du Plessis, Integration Manager for Greater Africa

Alme’s journey began with a degree in Chemical Engineering, followed by honours in Technology Management. As she gained valuable experience, she became a registered professional engineer with ECSA and earned Project Management Professional certification from the PMI. Last year, she completed her MBA at GIBS, further enriching her skillset.

Initially, Alme ventured into optimising processes within the banking sector before transitioning to the oil and gas industry, where she spent five dynamic years as both an engineer and project manager across various African regions. During her MBA studies, she embraced a career shift to Zutari, taking on the role of Integration Manager for Greater Africa. “I have not looked back since.” she proudly adds.

“The beauty of engineering lies in its ability to open doors to different countries, industries, and applications, allowing us to contribute our skills and expertise to solve complex problems and make meaningful impacts wherever we go, even beyond the engineering profession. I believe that engineering transcends boundaries, whether they be geographical, cultural, or gender related. It is a universal language that unites people across diverse backgrounds and enables collaboration on a global scale,” comments Alme.

“At Zutari, diversity and inclusion are tremendous strengths within the greater Africa team. Our team reflects the rich tapestry of cultures, languages, and perspectives across the continent. We prioritise creating an inclusive environment where every idea is valued. Through open dialogue and trust, we harness the power of diversity to drive success within the African continent,” she adds.

Alme reiterates the relevance of the 2024 INWED theme in that women bring fresh perspectives to the table, sparking innovation and creativity in engineering projects. With their ability to collaborate, they ensure that everyone’s ideas are heard and valued, leading to more vital teamwork and better results.

For girls wanting to embark on a similar career, Alme urges them to remember the words of the legendary astronaut Sally Ride: “You cannot be what you cannot see.” She adds that they have the platform to dare to be visible and bold, and step beyond the shadows to the forefront.

She concludes by stating that “the world needs more women engineers and leaders in the various industries. Engineering is a field that thrives on diversity, creativity, and innovation, and will open doors and shape your future in ways you cannot even imagine. So, do not be afraid to dream big, to challenge the status quo, and to blaze your own trail.”

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